Observation – Pedestrian & Vehicular Traffic Flow

Pedestrian & Vehicular Traffic Lights

  1. Pedestrians must participate and be aware of surroundings
  2. Optimizing traffic flow – secondary road traffic advance when vehicles are within range, otherwise primary road traffic continues to flow.
  3. Patterned traffic flow – sequential traffic light patterns to prevent traffic congestion

Pedestrian Crossing indicator – Pedestrian needs to participate by reading instructions and pressing button to activate.








Vehicular Motion detector1 shows the vehicle in range to activate green advance light.

Vehicle indicator2 shows vehicle not in range not activating green advance light




Patterned vehicular light indicators – Left turn signal first then all advanced green indicator

Patterned vehicular light indicators – Left turn signal and all advanced green indicator simultaneous

‘The Craftsman and the Craft’

The Craftsman And The Craft

An innocent exploration of the workings of a man and his machine shop. The beauty of the craft with not a clear idea of the process; a puzzle, and how the pieces fit together. The dance and the tension between the craftsman and the craft.

With the precision of a doctor working on his patient, and knowing that each action and observation matters, he displays the artistry of his knowledge, which transports us into a ritual that has been passed through generations. 

Under the craftsman’s command, as if by magic the machines grind, torch, drill, sand, burn, polish, and rinse in an oil bath, synchronizing in a rhythmic symphony to achieve an overall outcome that has very little tolerance for mistakes. For if there are any mistakes the dance won’t happen, and the machine will be lifeless. But, with the final turn of the key, the machine comes alive.

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By Alexandra . Camilla . Michael

What is Interaction?



The Minority Report is the quintessential Physical Interaction. This has it all, the virtual computer screens, the Eunuch like humans in the conductive fluid that see the future, the BUG BOTS, Tom Cruise having his eyes removed to hide his identity. Even the quest by the detective to find a flaw in the system to cover up that he committed the murder (spoiler alert). There are examples of morality, privacy and the quest for a pure society, at what cost.

Fantasy Device- A Likability Patch

Fantasy Devise.jpeg

I was thinking it was both a patch and a wearable. The patch goes on the back of your neck where the spinal chord attaches to brain stem (a lot of information flows through there). And a wearable to give you a read out.

Maybe it’s a color coded patch(for preferences /profile ) and software to use on any devise ( watch/phone/tablet). Make it out of reusable material, heat sensitive, reusable adhesion, great graphics and packaging.

I see this as a clarity patch. A way to filter out the static, innuendos and noise to allow for the essence of friendship to take hold.